Transforming Governance: The AI-Driven Approach to Data Access Control 


Introducing Cloud Data Access Management (CDAM), an essential tool for organizations looking to propel their innovation journey on the solid grounds of AI-driven data governance. By integrating cutting-edge security and privacy controls with metadata intelligence, CDAM empowers enterprises to swiftly deploy new analytics and AI use cases while ensuring automated adherence to policies.


Harnessing the expertise gained from Informatica’s strategic acquisition of Privitar in 2023, CDAM stands as a pinnacle solution, merging the prowess of Privitar’s comprehensive data access management products with Informatica’s CLAIRE® AI engine. This fusion enables seamless data governance across diverse enterprise sources through a unified metadata foundation provided by Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC).


In today’s data landscape, the imperative for scalable data access management has never been more pronounced, particularly with the surge in advanced data-driven applications such as generative AI and predictive analytics. Data leaders understand the crucial role of embedding trust and security within their data strategies to unlock its full potential.


According to our recent CDO Insights research, data privacy and compliance rank among the top priorities and challenges for leaders, with a notable focus on supporting emerging technologies like generative AI. CDAM directly addresses these concerns, offering consistency, transparency, and automation to navigate the complexities of data privacy and protection in the era of AI-driven insights.


Powered by AI, CDAM utilizes Informatica’s CLAIRE to automate security and privacy controls based on data classifications, ensuring that sensitive information remains safeguarded across the enterprise. This capability not only fosters data democratization but also accelerates AI initiatives by providing secure and trusted access to data at scale.


Furthermore, CDAM facilitates the seamless integration of security policies across diverse workloads and data flows, whether within on-premises environments or in the cloud. This ensures that data access controls remain enforced consistently, minimizing the risk of data breaches and enhancing user experiences.


Testimonials from industry leaders like Murali Vridhachalam, Head of Cloud, Data, & Analytics at Gilead Sciences, underscore the transformative impact of CDAM in simplifying data access and governance processes while upholding customer trust. By extending IDMC capabilities, Informatica is poised to address the critical challenges associated with data access management, thereby empowering organizations to fully leverage the potential of their data assets.



In conclusion,

Cloud Data Access Management represents a pivotal advancement in data governance, offering organizations the means to unlock the full power of their data securely and responsibly. Whether integrated within a comprehensive governance framework or deployed as a standalone solution, CDAM stands as a cornerstone for driving innovation and compliance in the digital age.





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