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Overview of Service  

DataINFA, with its unmatched expertise became Informatica Platinum Partner in just 40 days. Our team brings deep thought leadership and proficiency across the Informatica suite of solutions. We assist client organizations capitalize on their ROI across Informatica data management solutions with vast experience in product, services, client, and vendor domain implementations across different industry sectors.

What Makes Us Different?


Professional Services That Assist in Steering Enhanced Business Results with Data Management

Digital Strategy

Whether you are new player to leverage MDM or have a software program in place, our expert consultants at DataINFA will make sure that your data sets synch and align with your digital strategy projects.

Architecture Planning

Are you looking to take full advantage and swiftly attain a return on investment (ROI) from your MDM investment? We at DataINFA will assist you in precisely architecting your solutions to fit your explicit requirements.

Platform Implementations

In case you have already implemented Master Data Management (MDM) systems on your platforms for your customers. Our teams at DataINFA know how to customize your solutions to meet your new business needs and steer results.

System Integrations

Avoid silos. We at DataINFA make sure your Master Data Management (MDM) solutions are completely integrated into your business and operations to steer proficiency, user experience, revenue, and drive profitability.

Application Training

Our certified consultants at DataINFA facilitate and offer application training so your team has clear and precisely defined roles. With vibrant roles and clarity in responsibilities, your stakeholders can ramp up swiftly.

System Upgrade Support

We ensure you always have the newest features and updated functionalities. We at DataINFA precisely craft your code and enable your infrastructure for enhancing compatibility with software upgrades and ongoing system support.

We give All-in-One Platform

Cloud Modernization Expertise

With Cloud modernization we at DataINFA can transform the business operations by augmenting data sets, accelerating advancements, and providing unique client experiences.

By enhancing the power of Informatica’s Intelligent IDMC platform, DataINFA is assisting businesses swiftly scale enterprise services and use advanced tools to craft value for employees, customers, stakeholders, and end-users. 



In-Depth Domain Knowledge

Trusted by global clients from 10+ Industries



In-Depth Domain Knowledge

Trusted by global clients from 10+ Industries



In-Depth Domain Knowledge

Trusted by global clients from 10+ Industries



In-Depth Domain Knowledge

Trusted by global clients from 10+ Industries

Value Added Service

Managed Services that Upsurge, Scale and Back Your Team

managed service

Our teams at DataINFA will make sure your MDM applications are always accessible and that they remain updated with identified patching and upgrade necessities. We track all third-party services and solutions. When errors are encountered, our support team will help in resolving challenges through troubleshooting, identify and solve the main cause.


Our Accelarators

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Monitor 360-AI

Monitor 360-AI is an intelligent monitoring agent with real-time tracking capabilities, it ensures continuous surveillance of Informatica systems. Monitor 360-AI empowers you with actionable insights, comprehensive monitoring, and automated issue reporting. 

Color Swatch Generator

Color Swatch Generator facilitate user base to flawlessly view a variant with all its linked swatches and applicable details from the P360 web client.

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