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Unveiling the DataINFA Odyssey
An Epic Journey!

At DataINFA, we started in the quiet town of Deoghar. Our saga began with just one relentless dreamer and leader, Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Pandey. Today, we have evolved into a global workforce, leaving our mark in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Dubai, and the USA and empowering esteemed clients and partners across the world. This tumultuous journey, laden with twists and turns, has been a mix of challenges, successful milestones, and victories.

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Informatica Certified Platinum Partner

We want to exclusively mention about our treasured client, Informatica, with whom we partnered since inception of DataINFA. Initiating as Silver Partners, the journey took a winning turn, and we are electrified to announce that we have attained Platinum Partner status with them!


DataINFA brings your Data and AI to Life by Transforming Your Digital Assets

With extensive experience in serving large businesses across the globe, DataINFA is a strategic consulting and next-generation digital data services provider company that enables organizations to manage their data assets and navigate their digital transformation journey effectively.

So, to create a comprehensive digital data solutions portfolio for our clients and partners, we have accumulated a resource pool of technology, business, and operational experts with in-depth skill sets and experience in serving different Fortune 500 clients.

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What to Expect from DataINFA

Services and Solutions

Our industry experts have analyzed the global markets and built DataINFA with a precise vision of empowering enterprises. We assist our esteemed clients and partners by –

Empowering with Team Augmentation

Create an extended team of dedicated resources that works exclusively with your team and can be effortlessly hired with mutually beneficial and flexible hiring contracts.

Enabling with Personalized Data Assets

Providing resources, services, and products that can enable enterprises to use AI and data-driven decision-making, empowering stakeholders at each level of the organization.

Crafting and Shaping Digital Ecosystems

Create an IT infrastructure and unified ecosystem of integrated solutions that can centralize data sets and augment your process efficiency, analytics, AI, and cognitive abilities.

Delivering Next-Generation Digital Solutions

Delivering personalized web and mobile apps along with custom software solutions that are smartly designed with AI/ML competencies and developed with a goal-oriented approach.

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