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With the master data management of the Data Infa, you can connect all the data to one technology that you will love to love and acts much faster and know more about them. Meet your goals much faster with the power of automated and intelligent solutions-present on the AI foundation.

Informatica Master Data Management

You can now grow the business value with the data of 360-degree insight into relationships, connections, and interactions. You can now get real-world and unbiased insights on Informatica master data management through the following products.


  • Multi-Domain MDM – It helps to tackle complex issues with accurate and complete views of the critical master data.
  • Identity resolution – Find out the relationship insights within the data to highlight the connections between suppliers, products, customers, and many more.
  • Customer 360 – It delivers industry-leading data management for relevant, deeper, and contextual engagement of the customer.
  • Supplier 360 – This product streamlines supplier and vendor information management with a trusted and single data source.
  • PIM or Product 360 – Through Product Information management, you can manage complicated product content across the distribution scale and channels.
  • Relate 360 – Unlock and manage the true value of the sets of reference data by centrally managing, sharing, and defining.

Other than this, Data Infa also offers

  • Cloud customer 360 for the salesforce
  • Business Process Management
  • Address Verification

Data Quality Solutions

Now it is easier to fuel up your most significant business initiatives with the trusted and high standard data with Data Infa. We include complete portfolio products that will deliver you data that is trusted, governed, and trusted.


  • Data as a service – This service helps you to confidently connect with the customers with enriched and verified data for contact.
  • Quality of cloud data – Quickly fix, identify and examine the problems of data quality in on-premises and cloud business apps.
  • Informatica Data Quality – We offer trusted and clean data so that all your projects can meet the business objectives.
  • Axon Data Governance – We offer the first powerful enterprise data governance solution with a 100% tool solution based on the cloud.

Best Informatica Data Management Solutions for Higher Education with Data Infa

Data Infa helps to modernize education with a comprehensive focus on staff, student, faculty, and alumni experiences. It is now easier to transform the K-12 school programs and other higher education institutions with the timely access of data-driven results through Data Infa services.

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