Uncompromised and Clean Data for Everyone

What We Do

Data Infa is the only platform that unites data governance and integration to deliver reliable services right at your fingertips. Now, do you need superior analytics for significant decisions? Data Infa brings it all together with the support for any data cloud warehouse. The trust score focuses on offering at a glance assessment of the health of data. You can get a complete insight into what data to diagnose and trust and the tools for fixing the data that does not measure up.

Master Data Management

Unleash the data value with a single, trusted source of truth.

Link the interactions and transactions to find out the best opportunities to enhance efficiency, visibility, responsiveness, and engagement. Our Multiple domains, market-leading solutions support any implementation style, master data domain, and use case in the cloud. It helps to handle complicated issues with head-on trusted views of critical business master data. Some of the primary features of Master data management are

  • All in one capability
  • 360-degree views
  • Enrichment and verification
  • AI-driven merge and match
  • Previously configured dashboards
  • Intelligent stewardship
  • AI-powered CDP insights
  • Modular API drove cloud architecture

Data Governance and Data Quality

Fuel up your most significant business initiatives with trusted and high-standard data.

According to the report by the Harvard Business Review, only 3% of the company data meets the standard quality. With Data Infa, data governance and quality product portfolios of organizations across the world consistently enhance the data quality and power up their digital transformation of the data.

  • Data Governance – It facilitates collaboration across the communities of data governance-whether they are in the IT business or any other. It will help you to develop a common understanding of the data enterprise.
  • Data Verification – It helps in powerful interactions with trustworthy and reliable contact data through Daas or Data as a Service so that you can flawlessly reach each customer, partner, or prospect around the world.

Systems Integration

Data Infa offers a highly automated and intelligent data integration system with high performance, multiple clouds, on-premises, and multi-cloud data integrations at a large scale

Our data engineers can prepare the data for advanced analytics with data masking, data mapping, and machine learning quality control. We also process the data at scale in the cloud by harnessing the Apache Spark power and serverless processing. The self-service apps of Data Infa simplify data curation and governance. Keep in mind that data integration is one of the first steps to get the most value towards your data.

Data Lakes

When you require superior analytics for better business decisions, Data Infa’s unified platform will bring everything together inside a data cloud that you can trust.

Data Infa delivers easy-to-use and high-performing data integration to organizations. You can now enhance speed to market and lower TCO with data integration with automated and intelligent operations and development. Leverage broad connectivity and multiple cloud support with zero overhead and 3000+ connectors with no server deployment. Our high productivity zero coding tools deliver intelligent and automated next best recommendations for transformation and better performance. Get high support with pushdown optimization and Spark for the ingestion of enterprise data.


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